03 brand effectiveness

developing desirable brands


compelling brands have an aura. an aura that elevates its products beyond their pure functional value, which is usually a pretty profitable position to be in. unfortunately, compelling brands don‘t just happen. they are the result of a clear vision, a corresponding strategy, team, products, service and an enjoyable brand experience. no need to say, that only an attentive brand management along all the brand touch points will keep the brand desirable.

how we can support you

with our brand strategic expertise, we can be a sparring partner in your quest to increase the power of your brand in terms of overall competitiveness, brand experience and brand value.

topics in which we usually support our clients brand development processes are brand vision, brand identity, brand strategy, brand experience as well as the corresponding implementation roadmaps.

from a brand strategic point of view, we will look at promising new target groups, upcoming new product segments, new trends in technology, mobility, lifestyle or the way how products, services, content or experiences are promoted and sold. and many others more. connecting the dots is what brings up exciting new opportunities and innovations. each of them inspiring one‘s view of the market and ones own brand. every one of them can be a potential stepstone to a more compelling brand.


the scope of a brand effectiveness cooperation can vary from a focussed brand touch point, all the way to a general brand fitness assessment and the identification of corresponding optimization measures.

typical steps of our process include:

  • brand status quo workshop
  • brand opportunity research and ideation
  • opportunity framing and scenario development
  • scenario prototyping and evaluation
  • brand strategic opportunities - refinement, documentation and visualisation
  • brand opportunity implementation briefings

reference work