05 brand experience

brand, or the sum of all experiences


brands matter. we all know that. in the end though, a brand is just an abstract creature. It‘s nothing else than the sum of the experiences we collect across the various brand touch points. experiences which might have been positive or negative – i.e. a brand offers a great product, but an unfriendly service, an inspiring, advertisement, but the user manual is a real nightmare ... so, whether the overall brand image turns out to be desirable, is more often than not, a pure gamble. many customers have been lost (or not won) due to unpleasant brand encounters along the line. but why take that risk, if you can design it from a to z, and by doing so, create a brand experience that makes your customers feel special and that gives your products this very emotional added value.

how we can support you

with our brand experience process, we support you in creating a desirable and consistent brand experience across all brand touchpoints. ultimately establishing a growing and loyal customer base. additionally, the brand experience includes the aspect of product experience, which often spawns new product innovation.


the scope of a brand experience cooperation can vary from a specific brand touchpoint optimization, an assessment of your brand experience status quo all the way to the development of a comprehensive experience strategy that defines philosophy, culture, attitude, messages, tonality, quality, look and feel, the experiences itself as well as the desired results.

typical steps of our process include:

  • assessment brand experience status quo
  • ‘touchpoint‘ research and -opportunities
  • brand experience scenarios
  • brand experience concept
  • brand experience concept evaluation
  • brand experience refinement
  • brand experience briefing/manual