04 design excellence

creating the competitive edge


in a market where bikes are looking more and more alike and drive systems are less and less visible, design differentiation has become increasingly tricky. which design and functionality set you apart, which reflects upcoming trends, which addresses the preferences and needs of your target groups and which communicates your edge in an attractive way? and which is in line with what your brand stands for? and how do you succeed to convey this brand message consistently and tangibly?

simply starting designing quite likely won‘t answer these questions. only a design strategy will enable you to apply design in a targeted and effective way. ultimately resulting in a brand/product design that creates a coherent and desirable image in the hearts and minds of your customers.

how we can support you

design excellence develops on the basis of your brand's strategic objectives the design strategy that defines which design style, design message, design positioning, design language and which functionality best reaches your target groups and successfully differentiates you from the competition.


the scope of a design excellence cooperation can vary from a focussed product design optimization, all the way to an assessment of your design status quo effectiveness and the development of a comprehensive design strategy with the objective to increase your overall brand design (products, communication) effectiveness and/or positioning.

typical steps of our process include:

  • brand design status quo scan
  • brand design strategic status quo workshop
  • design strategic opportunity research
  • design opportunity framing and scenario development
  • scenario prototyping and evaluation
  • design strategic opportunities - refinement, documentation and visualisation
  • implementation briefings - implementable by any design department or studio

note: some of these steps are usually developed together with our design partner lighthouse01.

reference work