01 market innovation

scouting new business


the light e-vehicles market is facing a highly dynamic development. new trends, new technologies, new business models, new target groups, new distribution models seem to pop up overnight and are opening up exciting new business opportunities. leaving most of the market participants wondering, which of these possibilities are theirs? a question worthwhile asking, considering a few complicating factors such as an increasingly competitive environment, with a multitude of hungry new market entries, ranging from powerful automotive players, innovative new start-ups, all the way to data-driven disruptors. and all of them trying to claim their share.

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how we can support you

with market insight, strategic perspective, visionary anticipation and design thinking we‘ll help you identify market innovation that fit your strategy, competencies, culture and possibilities. the search for opportunities will not be limited to products alone, but will consider as well service-, content- or new business model opportunities.


the scope of a market innovation cooperation can vary from a focused, short term project, all the way to a wider investigation and future market innovation study.

typical steps of our process include:

  • clients status quo assessment
  • market- and design research
  • opportunity scouting and framing
  • opportunity ideation and concepts
  • opportunity evaluation and selection
  • opportunity definition
  • opportunity development briefings

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