02 product range opportunities

leveraging new market potentials


which product range can help you to leverage best the market potentials out there? which products do you need in order to excite new target groups? and which upcoming trends should be better reflected in your offering? what range do you need to differentiate successfully from your competitors? and which answers the dealer's needs and their customer's purchase drivers?

how we can support you

we are a sparring partner who, with our expertise in research, strategic design and design thinking, can support you in increasing the effectiveness of your portfolio and opening up new market potential.


the scope of a product range opportunities cooperation can vary from a specific segment-, trend- or target group investigation, all the way to a broader assessment of your portfolios effectiveness, including the identification of relevant portfolio opportunities.

typical steps of our process include:

  • portfolio status quo assessment
  • market insights and -opportunities
  • product range evolution scenarios
  • moderation of scenario evaluation and -refinement process
  • opportunity definition and product development briefings

reference work